Our business began in a little town in Romania (in Europe). My great grandfather, who first learned this trade in Europe, ran a small watch and clock repair shop in a small room out of his small home. His knowledge and skills were passed on to my grandfather, Trifon Irimescu who continued the great trade and worked his entire life as a watchmaker. My father was brought up learning this trade as a young child. Knowing how to fully repair watches by the time he was just eight years old prompted my father to leave school after the 7th grade (for those times it was normal for a young man to help earn money for his household).

From that time on my father and grandfather worked together in one shop and later my father opened a second shop in Romania before coming to the US. In 1987 we came to the United States where my grandfather retired from full time watch repairing (but continued working on watch and clock projects until his dying days). Shortly after our arrival to the United States (1989 to be exact) my father opened his very own shop under the name of Paul's Watch & Clock Repair in Sacramento California. He worked for a couple of watch shops in Sacramento before opening his shop.

He has since relocated from the first location on Arden Way to our present location on Fulton Ave in Sacramento California. I was brought up learning this trade from my father very early in life. When I was about 12 years old I began repairing Timex watches. Throughout the years I spent more time learning from my father and working with him on and off part time. I now work together with my father full time and have done so for about five years.

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