Although some watchmakers work on replica watches we have decided not to do any work whatsoever on any replica watch. It is bad for the customer and bad for the watchmaker. Even the replicas with so called "quality Swiss movement" use cheap materials. As a watchmaker working on a replica watch numerous things can go wrong while working on the watch (example:-take the dial off to clean the movement and the hour markers fall off-speaking from experience) and in the end to only end up getting blamed for it. Replica watches were designed as a cheap imitation of the real thing. No matter how good someone says a replica watch is in reality they are all junk.

My apologies for the straight-forwardness but we do not accept replicas in for repairs. Truly sorry, not even crystals or crowns.

My opinion, if it matters!!!-Offer me the best Replica watch of the most expensive Patek for $50 and I will not buy it. Why spend $50-$250 on any replica watch when you can use that money to buy a new or vintage quality used watch? There are vintage Bulova's, Hamilton's and even Omega's that you can buy for $250 or less.

My strong recommendation to all is to not buy replica watches.

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