These are some of the testimonials we have received, via email or Ebay. None of these were ever requested but greatly appreciated when received. Not to say, as with any business there are always times when we were'nt able to satisfy every customer. But as you can see we definitely always try to satisfy everyone.

These are actual testimonials. The only editing done are names changed to initials to assure privacy (please note that some info might not be relevant because of that, so skip on where you wish)

In the near future I will scan and add some testimonials we received in cards or letters as well. Here they are:

Hello Raimond:

I received the watches which you serviced today and I am very pleased with them.
Thanks for cleaning the necklace for free. It looks great!
I am sending a check for payment.
I will mail the check tomorrow 7-12-09 on my way to church.
It is always a pleasure to deal with you!

Your Friend

Dear rai_justina,

Yes Raimond,very fair and one of the reasons your a successful e-bay seller,thanks again,Michael

- friz***

Hello Raymond & Paul:
I meant to write to you as soon as I received the Seiko 5 watch you repaired and mailed me. Wanted to say thank you very much. Not only did you repair the watch, it looks like its almost as new as when my Dad gave it to me 30 years ago with the cleaning you gave it. The packaging was also very very good.

I will send you the other Rado watch shortly too. I had talked to you about servicing it and possibly plating it with a gold fill.
Again, thank you.

Best Regards,

San Ramon, CA

This one I was CC'd on:

This is a quick note to let you know that I received outstanding service from Raimond who has repaired my Zodiac watch.

When my wife returned home this afternoon, she noticed my big smile even before she spotted my watch which I can now wear again after a year or more. It looks great. It runs great. The return packaging was meticulously done. All of Raimond's paperwork is well done. His promptness is beyond what I would expect.

Thank you for your recommendation!!


T. H.

Raimond -

The watch you put together for me from various "donor parts" is wonderful. It keeps perfect time, looks and feels great! Thanks so much!

I sent that Waltham 16s in the goldfilled case (with the barquet hands) to a guy on the east coast and he did whatever it is he does and replaced a number of bits & pieces and got it running nicely. Unfortunately, he never quite gets everything to the standard that I've come to appreciate in your work.... In order to wind the watch, I now actually have to push in (quite firmly) on the stem, and even then I can feel the gears slip. If I twist the stem without pushing in, it spins freely. It sets nicely when the stem is pulled out. After your explanation of the SLEEVE, I'm wondering if that is the problem. It's driving me crazy. I'm wondering if I can send you the watch and have you look at that aspect of it to see if the problem can be solved. If it's the only way that the watch will run accurately, then I guess I'll live with it.... You game to take a look?


I received my Seawolf today, Saturday July 11, at 12:00 noon. My wife C***** has written you a check for the repair cost and it is in the mail to you already.

The watch is beautiful, you done a splendid job of polishing out the crystal, it looks like a new one! I didn't expect that you would be able to clean up the radium numeral on the dial as well as you did, excellent work. These old ears can barely hear it ticking. I had forgotten how smooth the second hand moves.

I will recommend your shop to any and all that needs their watches repaired. Thanks again for your personal involvement in repairing my old keep sake. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Best Regards & Warm Wishes,

Hi Raimond, I received the watch and it looks fantastic! I can't believe you were able to refinish the dial ring with such perfection! Thank you for the excellent communication throughout and the professional service. Unfortunately, there are few businesses with your quality and commitment anymore. I have a few more watches that will be coming your way as soon as I save up the money.
The invoice says to contact you to pay by Paypal. Please let me know the email address to send payment via Paypal.
Thank again, C.

Hi Raimond

Thank you for the swift response. I went ahead and collected the watch. Given everything I'd been through I just wanted it back. I'm wearing it now, it does look've done a fantastic job and I'm very grateful. Many thanks


Hi Raimond rec'd the pocket watches today and thnx again, great job as usual. Payment in the amount of $160.00 will be sent thru Paypal today. I will be sending another Hampden, needs cleaning and service; this one is an 18s Hayward model serial #312808. Thnx PWK

watches arrived, i'm very pleased. thanks c.

Dear rai_justina,

thank you very much , I am very pleased with the watch and your service .

- 8043d*****


Got my Zodiac Sea Wolf back today. It looks great! It could pass for a new watch. This watch had been a favorite of mine for many years. Fell into only occasional use in the last few because of a worn bracelet, wrong crown, scratched crystal and less than stellar accuracy. All those problems are now solved and I look forward to once again wearing it with pride. I will be sending out a personal check tomorrow.

I have a number of watches. One of my other watches is a Zodiac "Gorious." I purchased it on ebay. I know nothing of its service history but it was running when I got it. Recently while I was pulling out the crown to set the time the entire crown and stem came out in one piece. I am hoping that you can fix it and since I don't know the last time it was serviced perhaps I should have it serviced. I'll be sending that to you shortly. Once again, thanks for prompt and loving care.


Hello, Raimond

My Omega came today. If I didn't know any better I would think it's brand new. Thank you very much for taking such good care of it. Sorry it's been so problematical. It was thoughtful of you to send a check, but as I mentioned previously - I won't cash it. I'm reasonably sure I owe you money for all the time you spent getting it to work properly.

Can I interest you in working on another watch? It's a Seiko DX I purchased new in 1974 and wore until about five years ago when my local watch repairman said he could no longer get parts for it. Maybe you can. If not - maybe a new movement? Let me know.

Bedford (Ft. Worth), Texas

Hi Raimond

Hope all is well with you and your family. I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you I received my watch and am glad you could take care of it for me.

Many thanks


Hi Raimond,

There's no other cost for you to worry about. It was just the £10 to send it back to the States.
You've been so kind and it's been a pleasure dealing with you.

Thanks once again for all your hard work - the watch is still working beautifully!!

Kind Regards and Best Wishes

Hi Raimond,

Just sent you payment through Paypal. Thanks again for your services. I will surely contact you again for any future watch repair needs.


There is absolutly no reason to hurry. Just do the fine work that you have done in the past and do it at your convienence. I have plenty of others from which my wife can choose.


Dear Raimond, I'm absolutly delighted with my watch,you have made it look & feel like brand new, to think I've been wearing that watch for 45 yrs.I'll certainly send it to you in the future.I'm sending payment via paypal shorty,I'm just making sure the money is in my account.Thanks again..regards....F....

Dear Raimond,

The Omega Dynamic is on my wrist right now. Thanks again for doing such
a good and prompt job.

I have a small set of vintage watches now- the Dynamic, a simple Omega
Automatic from the 1970's, a Lord Elgin tank from the 1940's, and- for
my wife, a Movado from the 60's or 70's. I will certainly be sending
them to you for future service as needed.

Also, I have discovered your eBay site. I'll certainly be watching your
site for possible purchases. I know that any watch that I purchased
from you would be authentic and properly serviced.

Kind regards,


Dear Raimond,
My watch arrived and it is beautiful.You take very good pictures witch were very helpfull. The watch is just as you described. It was a pleasure
doing bussuness with you. If you ever come across
a Rolex buckle for this watch please let me know.
Thank You very much. Contnued success.
Best Regards,

Hello Raimond,

I received the Gruen back today; thanks so much for checking it out. I'm relieved there was nothing wrong with it, other than needing an adjustment. It's funny, but there were times when I'd carry it in my pocket and it would lose 10 or 20 minutes.

In thinking back on it, I wonder if my money clip might have had something to do with's magnetic and although I generally try to remember what pocket has what, I suppose I could've switched it and mangled up the watchworks?

I sincerely appreciate your attentiveness and consideration. You have all my watch repair business.

Have a great summer,

M. C.

Hi Raimond,
The watch arrived today and I can't tell how impressed I am with your service and packaging. You do a great job and I will send the check right away.

Also, I looked at your website and I noticed that you plate cases. When you plate a case are you able to remove the original crystal and put it back or does the crystal have to be replaced?

Thanks again !
Best Regards,

Hi Raimond . I received the Omega watch yesterday and I would just like to say thank you for all the time you have taken over this watch . The watch strap that you have fitted complements the watch perfectly.Do I owe you any more money for this? I generally only wear a watch for about six hours at any one time when I am at home or going out, so if it gains slightly it will not bother me .I would also thank you for the way you have cleaned the case, the omega logo looks like it has always been there. I am now looking online for a chrome buckle and I think I have found one.
All the very best for know and I will speak to you soon. K.N.


I'd like to thank your father personally that have the extraordinary knowledge and fine skills to conduct the Tiffany repair - much appreciated. B.R.

Hi Raimond,

FYI: I got the watches and they look great. I'm particularly pleased with the GMT - it looks like new. I'll be on the lookout for a better looking dial for the Seawolf... you never know. J.S.

Thanks for the quick shipment. Years ago I had this crayola watch, and it was almost my favorite. I was thrilled to find it on e-bay, and even happier when I received the watch.


I received the watch this morning. Thank you very much. I won't even
touch it until Christmas! Will mail you a check next week and will
probably be sending you another watch. Please void the check you sent to
me, I appreciate all the time and effort you put into making it
right--that's why I'm sending you another one! C.Z.

Dear Paul and Raimond,

I want to acknowledge the excellent service and professional consideration I received from you in repairing my Seiko Chronograph. I am pleased and very happy that my watch did not have to go "watch heaven". The repairs you did (new crystal and movement, with cleaning) have it working and looking like new! Thank you. It was and is my pleasure to do business with you. I will praise your work at every opportunity.



Hi Raimond,

I received the gold Omega yesterday. I'm completely pleased with the band fit, crown, crystal, and buffing, and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your work and attention to detail on this watch. My dad will get a kick out of seeing his old Omega looking and running so beautifully after so many years. It will be very special to me for many years.

Thanks again for what you do,


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